Estelle’s current practice celebrates contemporary portrait art inspired by present day individuals. She's most well known for her portrait and close-up paintings of strong young women. A collection of unique individuals with a story behind every expression. This story is what captivates her during the process of her artwork. She works with various materials but feels most comfortable with acrylic- and oil-paintings and pen-drawings.


Estelle has a Master in Film Television and Theater Sciences at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. She began working full time as an artist in 2015.


Born in the Netherlands, she was raised in a family with Dutch and Indonesian roots. Today she lives close to Utrecht (The Netherlands) with her husband and kids.


In the online shop, you can buy handmade original paintings and art prints. Follow her Instagram and TikTok for regular updates.


For commission inquiries please contact Estelle directly at info@Studio-Estelle.com